About Us

We, who run the business, are called Karina and Gunnel and we have togheter built the café and guesthouse Regnbågsdalen from the ground up. In the fall of 2014 we bought this slightly worn but fantastically beautiful house to start up a dream we had long had. Now, a couple of years later, we can proudly see that our dream has come true. A lot of hard work but amazingly fun and energizing it has been to make this trip.


In our Restaurant / Café you can enjoy modern food, hamburgers and home cooking (most of it cooked in our kitchen), coffee / tea, hot chocolate with whipped cream, shrimp sandwiches and yummy pastries and more. We pride ourselves on full rights on serving alcohol – beer / wine and liquor. Enjoy a moment in the sun on our outdoor dining or in our large lovely garden.

Inside the restaurant you are met by a unique, charming and soothing atmosphere where we let the countryside meet the big city. Here we also have a cozy crawl-in for the kids where we show cartoons.

The pub is decorated with rustic, handmade wooden furniture and a lovely “mess” of stuff on the walls. Here is a large TV where we show sports, movies and other events. Cheer on your favorite team, read magazines and hang out. Of course, we have the same range of food in the Pub as we have in the Bistro and a lighter Pub menu / snacks.

All motorcyclists and even cyclists (who belongs to any cycling club) have 10% on all food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks.

We even so often have live performances or other events at Regnbågsdalen. Troubadour or local bands and whiskey tastings. Every December we serve our popular Christmas plate.

Our beautiful Ingatorp is located about 30 km from the towns of Eksjö, Vetlanda and Vimmerby and despite its smallness, more than 450 inhabitants, has a lot to offer.

  • 3 min walk from us is Ingatorpssjön with bathing jetties, playground and barbecue area.
  • The illuminated trail around the lake in the evening is 1.7 km long and gives you a scenic walk.
  • Ingatorps church, a sign for the village with its distinctive church tower. In 1997 it was elected to Sweden’s most beautiful church.
  • Here is also Sweden’s oldest profitable wooden building, Tiondeboden, dated to the mid-13th century.
  • Valbacken, whose peak is visible just behind the church, offers an adorable view of the Highlands.
  • In the winter time you can stretch your legs and drive some nice carving turns down the Valbackspiste. There are two lifts and four slopes. Ski and snowboard rentals are available on site.
  • The total 30 km long hiking trail Höglandsleden passes the Rainbow Valley and Valbacken. Many tired hikers have stayed with us over the years for some rest and food as well as a cup of warm coffee.
  • Agricultural Museum with a unique collection of spark-ignition engines, church museum and a giant, well-visited flea market may also attract.