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In our Restaurant / Café you can enjoy modern food and home cooked meals prepared from the ground. We also have coffee / tea, hot chocolate with whipped cream, tasty sandwiches, lighter food and pastries and more. We pride ourselves on full alcohol rights – beer / wine and liquor.

Enjoy a moment in the sun on our outdoor dining or in our large lovely garden. Inside the restaurant you are met by a unique, charming and soothing atmosphere where we let the countryside meet big city.

Here we also have a cozy crawl-in for the kids where we show cartoons.

All motorcyclists and even cyclists (who belongs to any cycling club) have 10% on all food, coffee and non-alcoholic drinks.

In our Pub we have a TV where we show sports and other events. You can hang out in a room that is decorated with rustic, handmade wooden furniture and a lovely “mess” of stuff on the walls.

Here you can cheer on your favorite team, read newspapers, hang out, eat and drink. Of course, we have the same range of food in the Pub as we have in Bistro.

We even so soften have live performances or other events at Regnbågsdalen. Troubadour or local bands, karaoke or beer / wine / whiskey tastings. Every December we serve our popular Christmas plate.

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